MDT500HE Dog Tag and Medical Alert Tag Embossing Machine

The fully automated MDT500HE offers reliability, portability and convenience. Used for embossing or debossing dog tags and red medical alert tags, the MDT500HE all-in-one integrated unit comes with removable hoppers and a host of other features not found in other dog tag machines:

• Built-in standard keyboard for quick set-up and operation
• Linux-based central processing unit, multi-language support and high-resolution LCD
• Interchangeable cassettes for easy switch between medical alert tags and dog tags
• Auto switching power supply (110V-240V)
• PowerTag software for designing, editing and storing tag formats
• Light weight – ONLY 50 lbs.  With a sturdy case and easy-to-carry built-in handle, the unit is truly portable

The MDT500HE has been designed as a no-hassle metal tag marking machine for low to medium tag volumes and built with quality materials to ensure years of trouble-free service. This model can personalize up to 100 dog tags/medical alert tags per hour (45 characters per tag).  Please refer to the MDT500HE brochure for more information about this machine.


MDT500 HE Brochure (pdf)