ME1000 and ME2000 Dog Tag and Metal Plate Embossing Machines

These extremely durable and fast metal plate stamping machines are perfect for large-volume applications.  They come with a number of options to meet each user’s specific needs.  The ME1000 is a manual-plate-feed machine with an adjustable single-access-point plate input/output, while the ME2000 feeds plates automatically, with the side eject or FIFO elevator/stacker plate output options.  Both units are designed to work with plates of various shapes and dimensions, and can handle a number of metals, including stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, brass and gold.  A large selection of fonts for embossing, debossing and indenting is also available.  Please see the ME1000 / ME2000 brochure for more information on the ME series machines.

Extremely robust, these machines are able to withstand harsh working environments – they are truly built to last.  In addition, they are user-friendly and easy to operate.  Along with the machine, you will receive Windows-based software that allows interface with your external database on a standard PC for easy and efficient batch production of ID tags.  Or you can enter your data manually by using a PC-style keyboard provided with the unit.  Because the ME2000 machine is equipped with near-end input and near-full output hopper plate sensors, it alarms users to load or unload plates, ensuring continuous production.

The included user-friendly PowerTag software allows the operator to easily create and administer multiple jobs, manage fixed and variable data and have unlimited template storage - all leading to a fast and convenient production of multiple embossed tags.

The 2D Data Matrix version of these machines allows to stamp alphanumeric characters and 2D Data Matrix barcodes on metal tags.  The great advantage of such barcodes is their ability to contain a large amount of data in limited space.


ME1000-2000 Brochure (pdf)


ME1000-2000 2D DM Brochure (pdf)