ME500 Metal Tag Embossing Machine

Capable of personalizing up to 105 metal plates per hour, the ME500 model is ideal for mid-volume applications.  It is available in two versions:  with the manual feeder allowing to emboss on non-planar tags such as “easy entry” cable tags and odd-shaped tags, and with the automatic feeder featuring an input hopper that can hold up to 120 standard tags.

The ME500 offers convenience and ease of operation because it is portable and able to work with metal plates of various sizes by simply changing out the input hopper (tag length: 1.50” to 2.35”, tag height: 1.00” to 2.55”).  It comes with an integrated Linux-based central processing unit, LCD panel and built-in keyboard that enable this machine to work completely as a stand-alone unit without a PC.  Please see the ME500 brochure for additional information about this machine.

The included user-friendly PowerTag software allows the operator to easily create and administer multiple jobs, manage fixed and variable data, have unlimited template storage and create jobs away from the machine on a USB flash drive - all facilitating a simple and efficient batch production of embossed tags.

The ME500 2D Data Matrix version of this machine allows to stamp alphanumeric characters and 2D Data Matrix barcodes on metal tags.  The great advantage of such barcodes is their ability to contain a large amount of data in limited space.


ME500 Brochure (pdf)


ME500 2D DM Brochure (pdf)


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